Join us in supporting at-risk children ages 5-18 in developing "more confidence, emotional stability, a peaceful attitude and a healthy lifestyle" through the Sean O'Shea Foundation's groundbreaking in-school yoga & nutrition programs 

The Foundation is named after Sean O’Shea, a much loved and young yoga teacher and studio owner who lost his life in a fatal freeway accident in December of 2006. In his memory, his family and friends established the Sean O’Shea Foundation, which empowers youth through yoga, nutrition education, mindfulness, and optimistic teachings. Our mission is to help youth, ages 5-18, develop life skills that can enable them to take responsibility for their lives, develop respect for themselves and others, and have confidence in their own potential.

Our Programs 

Through thoughtful collaboration with health professionals, school psychologists, yoga instructors, and school teachers, we have developed these successful programs:

  • CALM Kids Training for school faculty administrators, nurses, school psychologists, PE teachers, and counselors. CALM Kids is Chair-based Activity for Learning Mindfulness
  • Seven-week introduction programs for yoga and nutrition program for students ages 5-18
  • Year-round yoga and nutrition programs for interested schools with a high percentage of at-risk students
  • Year-round yoga for juvenile court-mandated students
  • Programs for pregnant teens and teen parents committed to continuing their education
  • Yoga and meditation for kids with cancer and for their families at Rady’s Children’s Hospital
  • Parent yoga and nutrition workshops
  • Yoga and nutrition for athletes
  • Scholarships for school gardening projects
  • In addition, SOSF provides financial support for local non-profits supporting food project for youth


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